Increase conversion with headless e-commerce.

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    Headless e-commerceWe've created one of the first headless and PWA-ready Magento 2 e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands, which resulted in more than 100% conversion increase!.
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    Magento 2.3.

We've created one of the first headless and PWA-ready Magento 2 e-commerce platforms in the Netherlands, which resulted in more than 100% conversion increase!

the problem.

As of June 2020, Magento 1 will no longer be supported. So how can Budgetplant invest sustainably in an e-commerce platform based on a long-term strategy?


A scalable, flexible and future-proof e-commerce platform. Our KPI's are:

time to first byte.

Increasing webshop performance by lowering the Time to First Byte.

Increased conversion.

Better e-commerce returns through increased conversion.

Average time on the webpage.

Retaining visitor attention trough increasing the average time.

Reducing the bounce rate.

Engaging visitors more effectively by decreasing the bounce rate.


The challenge, elevating the e-commerce platform of an awesome brand to the next level, by:

  • Updating the platform;
  • Modernising the design;
  • Improving the performance;
  • Upping the conversion rates.

The current technology causes several drawbacks in performance and lacks scalability, hindering internal processes. The connection between the store and webshop had to be strengthened to form a powerful omni-channel between the two. Does this sound recognizable? Many brands in the Netherlands and Belgium suffer from the same problem which cost companies dearly on an annual basis. Through solving this we helped budgetplant achieve a cost-efficient and smooth strategy.

chosen solution.

Branding & Redesign.

Customer experience is now the forefront of a brand, no longer do the price and service play first fiddle. We've designed a user experience that turns buying plants and accessories into an unforgettable experience, both on- and offline.

Magento 2.3.

Magento have demonstrated commitment to headless e-commerce through the introduction of PWA Studio in Magento 2.3. Providing full support to the suite of functionality required to create an effective headless approach.

Headless e-commerce.

A headless approach seperated the front- and back-end of a platform, opting instead to communicate through APIs. This seperates the presentation layer from the business layer, creating a more flexible and agile application.

Progressive Web App (PWA).

Progressive web apps allow users to have an app-like experience directly through the browser. A speedy technology that works both on- and off-line without requiring hefty downloads, meaning the PWA will always be fresh and up-to-date.

development tools

our replatforming process.


best practice

Within gracious, we have been working for more than two years on developing a best practice for a headless approach. On the front-end we work with React / Next.js (Java Script framework), Styled components (CSS in JS), Redux (State management), Apollo Client (GraphQL), Storybook (Component library), Jest (Javascript testing), Eslint and Stylelint (Linter catches faculty code) and Lighthouse (Audits for Websites). The back-end is based on GraphQL Endpoint, Rest API, Magento 2.3, Google Cloud and Kubernetes.



The benefits of this best practice are:

  1. Personalization This means that you can easily display content at different times via various touch points, whether it is a laptop, smartwatch or smartphone;

  2. Flexibility Brands can update their presentation on the fly and in response to the latest trends much more easily as the presentation layer lives seperate to the business layer;

  3. Speed The presentation layer only focuses on delivering content, improving performance and reducing complexity;

  4. Customization Only pay for what you need and use, no longer being burneded by bloated package deals.



To make the comparison as fair as possible, we compared the results with the same period of the previous year (April to June 2018 vs April to June 2019) in connection with seasonal sales.


  • Real omnichannel!
  • Agile marketing
  • More personal customer experience
  • Seamless integrations
  • Conversion optimization
  • Further development is cheaper!
  • In addition to Magento 2 it can also be used for other e-commerce platforms

multidisciplinary team.

We don't design for you or your organization. We design for your end users!

Jim van der Veen
Pepijn Blom
Suraj Sanchit
Yuraymar Stewart
Mehmet Yavuz

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