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    Personalized and automated emails.

With email automation you can save a lot of time and effort by sending large-scale, personalized and relevant emails. Based on certain actions, also called "triggers", the person receives the right email at the right time. An important part of a successful marketing strategy.


Warmteservice is a family business and since 1964 a specialist in the sale of heating, plumbing and installation material. With 65 stores, they are always close by. Ideal for the installer who is often on the road. But consumers can also turn to Warmteservice for expert advice and the best prices.


Sending the same email to your entire database at the same time is no longer relevant. It is a lot of work, time-consuming, and not relevant to most recipients. That is why it is important for Warmteservice to implement a personalized and automated email strategy.


Warmteservice mainly has two types of customers: B2B and B2C. Both require a completely different approach to email automation. For this purpose, the needs of each target group must be carefully considered. An installation company regularly places large orders and buys generic materials in bulk. A consumer has less substantive knowledge, and is often in favor of an impulse purchase. We will determine where the opportunities lie based on a target group analysis.


Master automation flow.

Every automation email has its own workflow, in which you indicate at what time the email must be sent, and whether, for example, a follow-up is required. We combine all these separate flows into a master automation flow. At Warmteservice we have developed our own master automation flow for both types of customers, these flows are continuously monitored, expanded and optimized.


May we surprise you on your birthday?

We have developed a 'birthday' automation flow for the B2C target group. All profiles for which no birthday is known will receive an email with the message: "May we surprise you on your birthday?". This person can then enter his or her birthday. This is how we enrich the existing profiles. People whose birthday is known, will receive a cheerful congratulation with matching reward on this date.

View the birthday mail here.


Have you thought about this too?.

Installing and maintaining a central heating boiler generally involves more than a consumer expects. To make this easier, we have launched a cross-sell campaign.

Everyone who has ordered a central heating boiler receives the same day an email with related articles for that specific central heating boiler. In this way you will never be confronted with unpleasant surprises!

View the cross-sell campaign here.


We have something to celebrate!

The moment someone is a customer of Warmteservice for one year, they will receive a festive anniversary campaign. This is to stimulate engagement and increase loyalty. The campaign contains various personalized facts and statistics. For example, facts based on the customer's place of residence and associated location, but also about Heat Service in general.

View the anniversary campaign here.


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